I have been scouring many auctions, flea markets and estate sales searching for pictures inside stores where the cash register can be seen. Below are some of the pictures I have collected over the years. Enjoy!

My email is: info@antiquecashregistercollector.com

(National 200 class w/Feur De Lis case design, Dayton scale)

(National 2 w/Scroll case design)

(National 79 crank machine w/Empire case design, Angldile scale)

(Ideal, Dayton scale)

(2 National 313 machines)

(National 442-E)

(National 1000 class)

(National 317)

(Hallwood Cash Register)

(National 216, marked Pacific Laundry, 1211 Dock Street, B'Haur on back)

(National 349-2 machine)

(National Cash Register Archives Photo, circa 1890's)

(National 47)

(Hallwood Cash Register Factory Photo)